Friday, August 27, 2010


Check out this demo from new UK band The Vaccines!

01 If You Wanna - The Vaccines by musicbleep


Not wanting to go quietly, Ice Cream Man throws a free dance party at Delores Park in San Francisco with local supergroup Still Flyin, free ice cream & people getting down. Never forgetting his roots, he then heads to where it all began, Ashland, Oregon to host the 7th Annual Ice Cream Social, a big gathering to say thank you to the town for the inspiring him to start “Slingin’ the Cream, Livin’ the Dream” and also to tend to his mouth full of pearly whites, as so loved he is in Ashland that this is where he returns year after year for his free dental care. Thank you Ashland for keeping Ice Cream Man’s toothy grin shiny and white! Langhorne Slim does a beautiful rendition of “Back to the Wild” fitting for Ice Cream Man’s hike in the hills.

Catch more episodes of Road Trippin’ with Ice Cream Man here:


Cee Lo Green’s “F**k You” – co-written and produced by the multi-platinum certified production trio, The Smeezingtons, featuring Green’s Elektra labelmate, Bruno Mars – is officially for sale on www.ceelogreen.comand can be purchased individually or in a bundle, which includes an exclusive Cee Lo Green “F**k You” t-shirt. The digital single will be available at all digital retailers on Friday, August 27th, and a CD single will be available exclusively at Independent record stores on September 21st. An amended version of the single, entitled “Forget You,” will follow later in the fall, and companion videos for both versions are currently in production, with “F**k You” due to premiere next week.  In the meantime, the original “F**k You” clip can be seen and heard

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Thursday, August 26, 2010


As i mentioned, The Hundred in the Hands are launching a big national tour soon, just before they release their debut LP on Sept 21.  Both The Hundred in the Hands and the Temper trap are amazing live, so this is going to be a fantastic tour!  Check out all the details below!  You can also listen to a new remix of their single “Pigeons” by Kwes.

Brooklyn’s The Hundred in the Hands will join Temper Trap on a national tour this fall in anticipation of their debut full-length, which comes out September 21 on Warp Records. The tour begins September 26 in Philadelphia and includes stops in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Detroit and San Francisco. (Please see below for a complete list of tour dates.)

THITH is releasing a new remix for the first single off the forthcoming album, “Pigeons,” the music video for which became a viral hit upon its release a few weeks ago. The new version “Pigeons (Kwes._[O=O]. Rework)” is available for streaming here:

Here the massive “Pigeons” gets remixed by Kwes, who might just be London’s best-kept secret. From producing The xx and Micachu to reworking Damon Albarn and Hot Chip, as well as creating his own mini-epics, he is bending the rules of pop music to fit his singular vision. For “Pigeons” Kwes accentuates the song’s melancholia and flips it into a baroque, heartbroken electronic ballad.

The Hundred in the Hands LP is an album of deceptively complex pop songs which hark back to the dance music of NYC’s storied underground. Where their recent This Desert EP feels like a summertime pop dream, THITH’s forthcoming album conjures the spirit of downtown’s mutant disco scene as made legendary by clubs like the Paradise Garage. It’s a product of DIY home-recording plus a series of studio sessions in London and New York with contributions by producer friends including Jacques Renault, Richard X, Eric Broucek and Chris Zane.

With a brassy carnality, the record veers from disco dazed, avant-pop (“Young Aren’t Young”) to teenage angst, boredom and pop heartache (“Pigeons”) as Jason Friedman’s piercing guitar lines cross paths with Eleanore Everdell’s soaring harmonies and Siouxsie-esque yelps. A late-night dance party (“Commotion”) and post-R&B dub (“This Day Is Made,” “Lovesick (Once Again)”) spin into mash-ups of skuzzy rock riffs and obliterated beats (“Gold Blood”), until they are relieved in an austere anti-ballad to failed rebellion (“The Beach”). Elsewhere, glistening, conversational minimal wave (“Killing It”) bleeds into dreamy synth-pop (“Dead Ending”), crumbles into restrained punk (“Last City”) and bursts in the song that started it all—the incisive disco-punk dance-off, “Dressed in Dresden.”

The Hundred in the Hands is Eleanore Everdell and Jason Friedman. The two live in Brooklyn and discovered their shared sensibility for early hip hop, French house and disco, ska and dub, post-punk, British invasion-mod and girl pop from the 60’s through the 80’s and decided to form a band. Their first song—the post-punk rave-up “Dressed in Dresden”—was written and recorded in a couple of days, released online, picked up and released as a 45 by a record shop in the U.K. where they were soon playing shows and coming to the attention of Warp Records. Meanwhile, the two retreated to the bunker to write and record. During that time, Friedman and Everdell focused on deciding exactly who they wanted to be. What they discovered and emerged with were 11 startling new tracks and a precise and deliberate sound.

The Hundred in the Hands Tour Dates
(all dates with Temper Trap unless otherwise noted)

September 12* Washington, D.C. Rock N’ Roll Hotel
September 24# New York, NY Coco 66
September 26 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero
September 29 Boston, MA House of Blues
September 30 Montclair, NJ Wellmont Theater
October 1 New York, NY Terminal 5
October 2 Montreal, QC Le National
October 3 Ottawa, ON Capital Music Hall
October 5 Toronto, ON Phoenix Concert Theater
October 6 Rochester, NY Water Street Music Hall
October 7 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall
October 8† Cleveland, OH Beachland Ballroom
October 9# Cincinnati, OH MOTR Pub
October 11 Detroit, MI St. Andrews Hall
October 12 Chicago, IL Metro
October 13 Milwaukee, WI Turner Hall
October 14 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
October 21# San Francisco, CA Popscene
October 22 Pomona, CA The Fox Theater
October 23 Los Angeles, CA Club Nokia

*—with Bear in Heaven
#—Headlining show
†—with The Thermals, Cymbals Eat Guitars

The Hundred In The Hands - Pigeons (Kwes._[o=o]. Rework) by thehundredinthehands


As the chartered busses from the So-Cal beach towns turned onto Hollywood Boulevard and unloaded it's passengers at theMusic Box Theater on August 11th, one thing became clear: this would be no ordinary concert. Fans adorned themselves in feathers, face paint and headdresses that would make West Hollywood's gay pride look like a small town craft fair. No this was not a concert in the truest sense of the word. This night was about the spectacle. Appropriately situated in the land of smoke and mirrors, naturally all 4 nights were sold out shows. This was the medieval times of pre-recorded track concerts.  I'm talking dance beats you eat right off the bone, chalices filled with overcompensation, and full-time dancers that definitely have to rehearse their moves 40 hours a week. They danced with new lady-gagaesque constumes in nearly every song.

If I were sipping the pre-show kool-aid I might have really gotten into my visit to the scientology planetarium. If EOTS were billed as a cirque type show I would have expected and enjoyed it for what it claimed to be. However this "pop/electroacoustic/alternative" band left me wondering what their interpretation is of a live concert. The over developed and frenzied wall of sound and the Stephen Speilberg-esque sound effects were nothing but a distraction from how watered down the music became.  The high points were "Standing on the Shore" and "Walking on a Dream" which definitely kept the crowd moving.  For a brief moment, I thought  the show might make a turn for the better but then Luke Steel (of The Sleepy Jackson) situated himself in a wheel chair, threw a massive pocket watch a la flavor flave around his neck and wheeled his way across stage while singing.  I thought I could cite David Bowie as a possible influence, but after that fiasco I might liken EOTS more to a cross between a modern day Milli Vanilli for music and Prince for visuals.

The glaring contradiction to all of this is that the album is well-crafted and their 80's image is supported nicely in the material. I may be getting greedy here, but with a live show I'm not just paying for the lights, costumes and dancers. I want all of that yes,  but I want to see my musicians play music. I want to hear their voices (we can only blame the sound guy so much for this).  Finally let's not overlook the obvious: if you can play your live show without 50 percent of your contributing band mates (Nick Littlemore of Pnau was nowhere to be found) clearly music is not the first priority.  I don't doubt the talent of the contributing musicians. In theory this would be an amazing show, but in practice it felt like a bad acid trip.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


"CONGRATULATIONS" is the new video from MGMT. Thoughts? Like the song! Video...not so much! You decide, check it out!


Rufus was on KCRW last week for an appearance on Morning Becomes Eclectic. He is also was joined by his sister Martha. Check it out!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Chapin Sisters - "Digging a Hole" from Mog Dotcom on Vimeo.

With less than a month till their sophomore record, Two, hits stores, The Chapin Sisters have released their latest single, "Palm Tree". Heartfelt and earnest, the song illuminates the sisters' signature harmonies and beautiful compositions.

Abigail and Lily will continue to showcase the new record into the fall, as they embark on their own tour, as well as continued support for She & Him (as both openers and part of their backing band). They will also celebrate the new record with two album release shows in both San Francisco (9/15) and their hometown of Los Angeles (9/16).

Two drops September 14th courtesy of Lake Bottom Records. Here is the brand new video for their single, "Digging A Hole."

Upcoming Tour dates:

# opening for and part of She & Him's back up band
! The Chapin Sisters only

25 Salt Lake City, UT - The State Room (opening for Jackie Greene)
26 Salt Lake City, UT - Twilight Music Series (part of She & Him’s backing band only)
28 Omaha, NE - Anchor Inn #
29 St. Louis, MI – St. Louis, MI (part of She & Him’s backing band only)
30 Kansas City, MO - Uptown Theater (part of She & Him’s backing band only)

1 Nashville, TN - The Ryman Auditorium (part of She & Him’s backing band only)
2 Nashville, TN - The Basement
3 Atlanta, GA - The Red Light Cafe !
5 Los Angeles, CA - LA Times Food and Wine Festival (part of She & Him’s backing band only)
15 San Francisco, CA - Cafe Du Nord !
16 Los Angeles, CA - The Echo ! (album release show)

9 New York, NY - City Winery (John Lennon Birthday Benefit)
12 Portland, ME - One Longfellow Square !
14 Shelbourne Falls, MA - Mocha Maya
15 Boston, MA - The Red Room
17 San Francisco, CA - Treasure Island Music Festival (part of She & Him’s backing band only)
22 Portland, OR - Arelene Schnitzer (part of She & Him’s backing band only)
23 Seattle, WA - 5th Avenue Theatre (part of She & Him’s backing band only)
24 Vancouver, BC - Orpheum Theatre (part of She & Him’s backing band only)
25 Arlington, VA - Iota Club & Cafe !
27 Charlottesville, VA - Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar !
28 Philadelphia, PA - Tin Angel
30 Easton, MD - The Nightcat !

1 Pittsburgh, PA - Thunderbird Cafe !
2 Ann Arbor, MI - The Ark !
3 Kent, OH - The Kent Stage
4 Oberlin, OH - Cat in The Cream Coffeehouse !
5 Cleveland, OH - Beachland Tavern !
9 Zumbrota, MN - Crossings at Carnegie !
10 Minneapolis, MN - Dakota Jazz Club !
13 Milwaukee, WI - Cactus Club !
14 Evanston, IL - S.P.A.C.E !

Monday, August 23, 2010


Recently, I asked one of my readers to do a special guest review for musicbleep. Her name is Jeni, and she's the XX SUPER FAN! I'd have to say I've met some super fans over the years, but she is definitely THE biggest fan of The XX I have seen. Here's her review!

Summer Stage NYC August 8, 2010

Days before the show a posting in craigslist went up for a line sitter. The line formed at 1:00 PM for a 7:00 PM show, which demonstrates the meteoric trajectory of The xx over the past year. The line grew to massive proportion. Hundreds of disappointed fans were turned away at the gate and yet some still tried sneaking in over the rocks and past the guards. It was one of the largest Summer Stage turn outs and the hottest Summer Stage concert. But what made this night even more special was their return to their "home away from home", and Oliver's recent 21st birthday (he took time to joke that it's now legal for him to drink on stage).

For those fortunate enough to get inside the venue, it was a magically transformative experience. I saw casual fans quickly become obsessive fanatics and the initially semi-disinterested become total devotees! I AM A FANATICAL DEVOTEE!!! Although the change over from Chairlift to The xx took some time, (have to make sure everything is perfect, after all) from the opening notes of "Intro" which they added a hint of the Outro that has become so popular, until the final seconds of "Stars", the crowd was completely mesmerized.

Everyone had succumbed to the infectious grooves and amazing vibe of The xx. The sound was quite optimal for an outdoor presentation; nobody even really noticed the heat until “Fantasy” and “Shelter” made body temperatures rise. It was obvious that they have grown immensely in terms of live performance, with Romy's silky vocals and Oliver's flawless responses. Jamie remained completely in his element as the pacesetter and beat maker. Jamie did come out from behind his barricade for their cover of Kyla’s “Do You Mind”, I have never seen it but always wanted to. The lights were minimal, the song slow and almost made us feel intrusive for watching them sing this, Jamie's drums got louder, and at end the song exploded. It was the highlight of my evening. The xx always sound so incredible and clear, I've never seen a band quite perfect every time.

Everywhere around me, people knew every word to every song! Those who said they went only to see the free show were already clamoring to purchase their tickets online for the October NYC return. I am seeing their last 2 shows of the tour, I shall hit a major depression afterwards.



Excuse the mess...I've decided to give Musicbleep a face lift. This site will still be active, but another BIGGER + BETTER site is in the works. I'll let you know when it's up and running!