Friday, February 27, 2009


ONE MORE DAY PEEPS!! Tomorrow is my long awaited departure from L.A. to Sydney, Australia! I am going to try and report back now and again about my adventures, but it gonna be scarce. I don't plan on having much free time to blog, which is why I'm leaving the next few weeks with someone we don't hear too much from. There will still continue to be post, but they won't be coming from me. My photographer and sometimes musicbleep writer, Cory Radke will be taking over musicbleep while I'm gone. He will continue to bring you daily news, reviews, updates and more! This is his time to shine!

I'm signing off...G'day Mates! See ya when I get back!!


I want to end the week with the Australian duo, Angus and Julia Stone. I have been digging their record for a few weeks now, and I said it before and I'll say it again - it's one of my faves so far this year! This is also one of my favorite songs from A&J.

If you don't know who Angus and Julia Stone are yet...get to know them! I will be checking out their L.A. show in March when they open for Brett Dennen.


If you are heading to SXSW in a few weeks, here is some info on an amazing showcase sponsored by Blackberry. CHECK IT OUT! Exclusive performances by Primal Scream, Dinosaur Jr, Grizzly Bear, Black Lips, Peter, Bjorn & John and a bunch of other bands you’re not going to want to miss.


WHO: Yelle (Yelle, Grand Marnier and Tepr)

The break-out French electro-pop trio who invaded dance floor around the world last year with infectious songs from their debut album Pop Up.

WHAT: Special Show in LA

Yelle is returning to America for 1 show in Los Angeles

WHEN: Thursday, March 12th, 2009 @ 8pm

WHERE: El Rey Theatre

5515 Wilshire Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90036

Thursday, February 26, 2009


This week I have been focusing on bands from Australia. I must say I have found some amazing music and I only hope I can get a taste of the music scene when I'm there next week. Check out my latest find...An Horse!

An Horse's debut full-length, Rearrange Beds, hits shelves on March 17 (mom and pop music co.), but as you may already know, you can get the digital version on iTunes! You may also already be aware that Sara Quin (Tegan and Sara) made the record with An Horse, and invited the Australian duo on tour with T & S last spring.

We're excited to share this little video of Sara interviewing An Horse.

Also, the band will be touring North America starting February 25th (dates below) -- if you'd like to cover a show, or run a ticket giveaway contest, just say the word...they'll also be at SXSW--more on that soon.

Feb 25 - 7:00 - Noise Pop Festival ~ Slim’s - San Francisco, California
Feb 27 - 6:30 - Sho - Salt Lake City, Utah
Mar 1 - 8:00 - Walnut Room - Denver, Colorado
Mar 3 - 8:00 - 7th Street Entry - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mar 4 - 8:00 - High Noon Saloon - Madsion, Wisconsin
Mar 7 - 8:00 - The Green Room - Montreal, Quebec
Mar 9 - 8:00 - The Montreal House - Peterborough, Ontario
Mar 10 - 8:00 - Casbah Lounge - Hamilton, Ontario
Mar 11 - 8:00 - London Music Club - London, Ontario
Mar 12 - 12:00 - University of Guelph - Guelph, Ontario
Mar 13 - 8:00 - Canadian Music Week ~ Tranzac - Toronto, Ontario
Mar 18 - 8:00 - SXSW - Austin, Texas
Mar 19 - 8:00 - SXSW - Austin, Texas
Mar 20 - 8:00 - SXSW - Austin, Texas
Mar 21 - 8:00 - SXSW - Austin, Texas
Mar 25 - 8:00 - Hotel Utah - San Francisco, California w/ Wintersleep
Mar 26 - 8:00 - Lola’s - Portland, Oregon w/ Wintersleep
Mar 27 - 8:00 - The Vera Project - Seattle, Washington


"This is Morrissey's most venomous, score-settling album, and in a perverse way that makes it his most engaging." – PITCHFORK

“Years of Refusal is Morrissey’s leanest, meanest, loudest record since 1992’s Your Arsenal.” – POP MATTERS

“Years of Refusal proves to be a succinct, creative, witty example of Morrissey’s musical longevity and fascinating allure.” – 411 MANIA

Musicbleep loves Morrissey, which is why I'm giving away 1 vinyl copy of Morrissey's latest masterpiece, Year Of Refusal to Morrissey's biggest fan! All you have to do is email me at and tell me your craziest Morrissey story. It can be you met him, stalked him, a crazy ticket story, etc... Easy, right?

The contest runs all next week while I'm in Australia, so you have some time. I will pick a winner on Friday, March 13th!



Lily Allen stopped by Morning Becomes Eclectic to perform songs off her latest album, It's Not Me, It's You. Check her doing a version of Brits "Womanizer."

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Uh...I never thought I'd hear Matthew McConaughey and good music in the same sentence. We know Matthew from hit movies like, Failure To Launch and uh....that's really it! Well, Matthew has his own record label....CRAZY, right? Well, if his interest in music is anything like his movies (SURFER DUDE), we are in for some trouble!

Kid...I KID!! Matt's from Texas, he should have some musical taste, right? Actually, his artist is surprisingly good! His name is Mishka and he's the first artist signed to Matthew's J.K. Livin label. Check out this video of Mishka at the Roxy in Hollywood, featuring Mr. McConaughey.

Myspace vide embed: Mishka at the Roxy

Mishka’s biography has an almost cinematic sweep. He spent most of his early life on a boat in the Caribbean, sailing from island to island with his seafaring parents and older sisters. A child of the islands, it was almost inevitable that he’d be drawn to reggae, Rastafari, and the natural mystic that inhabits his music and his soul. Above The Bones is his third album and the debut release for Matthew McConaughey’s j. k. livin label.

"The music I heard growing up from my parents, sisters and the places we visited gave me a lot of musical and cultural flexibility.” “Everything I’ve ever heard blends together in what I do.” “I’m a huge reggae fan but there’s folk, soul, rock and other elements in the music.”

Mishka’s international outlook is a product of his unique upbringing. “My parents met in Bermuda” Mishka explains. “They always had dreams of living at sea and my father built a boat for the family to live on. I moved onto the boat when I was three.”

“We sailed all over the Atlantic and Caribbean” Mishka recalls. “We visited Brazil, all the Caribbean islands, even made a cross-Atlantic trip to Portugal and England.” Mishka and his sisters were home schooled until they went to boarding school for their higher education. “Learning how to read maps and chart a course was my math and geography class, going ashore in different countries and talking to people about their culture was my history class, reading books on board was my literary education, picking up French and Portuguese in the ports we visited was my language school.”

The boat had a small battery run cassette player and Mishka heard the music his parents loved: The Beatles, Jimmy Cliff, Dylan and Jimmy Buffett who was sailing the same waters as his family in those days. “My sisters turned me on to the Police, Cars and Roxy Music, but when I heard Burning Spear, Culture, and Bob Marley, I got addicted to roots reggae.”

Mishka moved to London and his debut, the self-titled Mishka, became a Top 40 hit in England. “Give You All the Love” cracked the charts in Britain and Japan where it went Top 10. While he was making Mishka, Swedish producer Martin Terefe (KT Tunstall, James Morrison) was working in the studio next door. Terefe produced Mishka’s second album, 2005’s One Tree, a blend of electronica, folk and reggae. While on tour, Mishka met Darryl Thompson a long time guitarist for Sly & Robbie. They were working on Above the Bones when Matthew McConaughey showed up and signed Mishka to his new label j. k. livin.

Mishka’s varied musical interests are evident on Above the Bones but his vocals may be the most captivating element of the album. His striking tenor is mellow and intense with a bluesy quality that gives every word an aching intensity. It’s a timeless voice, the familiar sound of a friend you’ve always known but never met.

“Higher Heights” opens the album with a roots reggae vibe. It’s a song of empowerment and encouragement to people who want to see more love and unity in the world, an invitation to let our better nature shine and heal the troubled world we live in. “3rd Eye Vision” is a rock steady groove. It’s a prayer for the planet that urges us to live in harmony with the earth and find peace of mind amidst a system that often forces us to be hypocritical to ourselves. “Peace and Love” is a simple three chord celebration of eternal values. Mishka’s vocal is full of sweet soulful fire. The title track for the album is essentially a folk song about honoring our ancestors, their memories, their tribulations and their joys and translating that into a prayer for the living.

Other stand out tracks include “Coastline Journey” with laid back conga lines and surfer style guitar licks this one is essentially a love song for the ocean; “Mountains Meet the Sea” a tender rock ballad and “Train Again” a tune that brings to mind the early Wailers with its funky Clavinet and rock guitar leads also features vocals by dancehall artist Lyrical Don.

The album started as an independent project produced by Mishka and Guitarist Darryl Thompson but was finished with the creative assistance of Matthew McConaughey. It was essentially tracked live with minimal overdubs. “Darryl has played for many years with Peter Tosh and Black Uhuru, but he has a background mainly in rock and blues” Mishka says of Darryl. “He could hear the folk, soul and reggae in the music and really helped bring the songs to life”. “Matthew (McConaughey) has a good ear for picking out the best elements of a song and really brought his positive energy and enthusiasm to the studio.”

With an album that fully realizes his multifaceted musical vision, Mishka and his band will take to the road, sharing his positive vibrations and his global musical vision with fans old and new.

Tour Dates:

Feb 24 2009 8:00P: Hawthorne Theatre Portland, Oregon
Feb 25 2009 8:00P: Nectar Lounge Seattle, Washington
Feb 26 2009 8:00P: The Biltmore Cabaret Vancouver, British Columbia
Feb 27 2009 8:00P: Sugar Nightclub Victoria, British Columbia
Feb 28 2009 8:00P: Spice Lounge Nanaimo, British Columbia
Mar 1 2009 8:00P: Garfinkles Whistler, British Columbia
Mar 3 2009 8:00P: Communitea Cafe Canmore, Alberta
Mar 4 2009 8:00P: The Brixx Bar & Grill Edmonton, Alberta
Mar 5 2009 8:00P: The Gateway Bar - SAIT Campus Calgary, Alberta
Mar 6 2009 8:00P: Amigos Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Mar 7 2009 8:00P: Park Theatre Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mar 9 2009 8:00P: 7th Street Entry Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mar 10 2009 8:00P: Schubas Tavern Chicago, Illinois
Mar 12 2009 8:00P: Revival Toronto, Ontario
Mar 13 2009 8:00P: Les Saints Montreal, Quebec
Mar 14 2009 8:00P: Harper’s Ferry Allston, Massachusetts
Mar 15 2009 8:00P: Sullivan Hall New York, New York
Mar 16 2009 8:00P: Jammin Java Vienna, Virginia
Mar 23 2009 8:00P: three20south Breckenridge, Colorado
Mar 24 2009 8:00P: Black Sheep Colorado Springs, Colorado
Mar 25 2009 8:00P: Aggie Theater Fort Collins, Colorado
Mar 26 2009 8:00P: Marquis Theater Denver, Colorado
Mar 27 2009 8:00P: Sandbar Sports Grill Vail, Colorado
Mar 28 2009 8:00P: Star Bar Park City, Utah
Mar 29 2009 8:00P: Whiskey Dick’s Saloon South Lake Tahoe, California
Mar 31 2009 8:00P: Blake’s Berkeley, California
Apr 1 2009 8:00P: Downtown Brewing Company San Luis Obispo, California
Apr 2 2009 8:00P: Cane’s Bar & Grill San Diego, California
Apr 3 2009 8:00P: Roxy Theatre West Hollywood, California
Apr 4 2009 8:00P: Galaxy Theater Santa Ana, California

For more information and to buy tickets go to:

Mishka’s myspace:



The red tracksuits return to North America in 2009 with new shows, new moves and a brand new album. Norwegian rockers DATAROCK will release their long-awaited and highly anticipated sophomore album RED later this year. However, those lucky ones at SXSW will get an early taste of RED when Datarock headlines both Emo's Annex Stage on March 19 (Windish Showcase) and The Iheartcomix & Jelly NYC present The Texas Nightclub on March 21.

Additionally, the first single "Give It Up" will be released digitally on April 7. In an early blog to fans, Datarock frontman Fredrik Saroea gave some inside information about the making of RED: "We've dug ourselves into the data about the rock of the late seventies & early eighties: the art, the music, the films, the subversive & popular culture, the new theory, the new technology and all that new equipment. The years between '76 and '83 are in all ways the peak of cultural evolution. The zenith, the rise and the fall." The band decreed that all of the equipment used on RED had to be made before 1983. They also called up a new trinity of inspiration. Fela Kuti, Afrika Bambaataa and Kraftwerk were to replace Talking Heads, Devo and Happy Mondays. A bit of West End, a hint of the Caribbean, a dash of West Africa - and whole lot of pulsating post modernity - give RED a spicy new flavor.

Of course, neither scorpions nor rock bands can escape their natures, and during the making of RED, Datarock found their original muses were along for the ride: Gerald Cassale of Devo joined the creative process; the band found themselves sharing stages with the Mondays; and you'll hear quite a bit of evidence that Datarock's admiration for the Talking Heads (see the track "True Stories") remains intact.

Stay tuned for further information regarding the official North American release date for RED, along with tour dates.




The Lonely Island, comic trio and actors and writers for the hit TV show Saturday Night Live celebrate the release of their album Incredibad, by playing Call of Duty®: World at War(TM) with Xbox LIVE® Gold members February 26.

If you're an Xbox LIVE Gold member (if not, upgrade now!), and you want a chance to play with The Lonely Island, send a friend request to the following Gamertags and be online half an hour before (11:30 a.m. EST) the Game with Fame session starts on Thursday, February 26, 12:00 p.m. Noon EST.

* LoneIsland GwF1
* LoneIsland GwF2
* LoneIsland GwF3

Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Caccone form the comedic trio The Lonely Island. Known for their work on the classic hit show Saturday Night Live, the group has just released their debut album, Incredibad, now out on Universal Republic Records. The album contains the Internet and YouTube hit "D*** In A Box," along with other satirical musical and audio pieces featuring such notable artists as Natalie Portman, T-Pain, Norah Jones, and Jack Black.

The three have been friends for a long time. As Samberg says, "Since junior high and high school, and then we all eventually moved in together, starting out, basically, doing joke music. Our first projects were always about mixing music with comedy." The results ended up with them winning an Emmy award for Outstanding Music and Lyrics for "D*** In A Box." And the album promises more of the same. Samberg continues, "We never concern ourselves with what happens after. We're grateful for all the success. We jumped at this opportunity because music has always been a big part of what we do. In a way, this album is our thank you for all that great musical inspiration ... The mission statement of this album is to be funny - period! For us, the comedy always has to come first."

If you get a chance to play with The Lonely Island, Xbox wants to hear about it! Send an e-mail to with the subject: "GWF - The Lonely Island." Be sure to include your Gamertag and hometown.

Who: The Lonely Island
Date: Thursday, February 26, 2009
Time: 12:00 p.m.- 1:30 p.m. EST (9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. PST)
Game: Call of Duty: World at War
Gamertags: LoneIsland GwF1, LoneIsland GwF2, LoneIsland GwF3


Three more days until I invade Australia, and only 1 more week until Australian duo Angus and Julia Stone's New album "A BOOK LIKE THIS" is out on March 3rd!

I have had the opportunity to listen to the entire album, and I must say it's FANTASTIC! It's one of my favorites so far this year - make sure to get your copy on March 3rd!!

The duo has also become known for their intimate, charming and bewitching live show, selling out headline dates from Australia to London.
Upon the their first visit to the States at the end of 2008, they sold out shows in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego—their first set of dates ever in the US. They will do an 18-city west coast tour with Brett Dennen starting on Thursday, March 12 in Vancouver and ending on Saturday, April 4 in Salt Lake City. They will then head to the Midwest and east coast for their own headline tour (tour dates to be announced shortly).

Angus and Julia Stone on tour with Brett Dennen:

Thur, 3/12 Vancouver, BC The Plaza
Fri, 3/13 Portland, OR Crystal Ballroom
Sun, 3/15 Seattle, WA Showbox at the Market
Mon, 3/16 Spokane, WA Knitting Factory
Tues, 3/17 Boise, ID Knitting Factory
Fri, 3/20 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore
Sat, 3/21 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore
Sun, 3/22 Sacramento, CA Boardwalk
Tues, 3/24 Los Angeles, CA House of Blues
Wed, 3/25 Los Angeles, CA House of Blues
Fri, 3/27 San Diego, CA House of Blues
Sat, 3/28 Phoenix, AZ Clubhouse
Sun, 3/29 Tucson, AZ Rialto Theatre
Mon, 3/30 Santa Fe, NM Santa Fe Brewing Co.
Wed, 4/1 Aspen, CO Belly Up
Thur, 4/2 Boulder, CO Fox Theatre
Fri, 4/3 Denver, CO Bluebird Theatre
Sat, 4/4 Salt Lake City, UT Murray Theatre


"[A Book Like This] flickers with the prospects of two talented musicians who work together wonderfully...the two maintain individual identities despite the close collaboration, and as much as one voice differs from the other -- hers, a worthy and eccentric amalgamation of Newsom and Bjork, and his, a lasting crisp and clear spark -- in the moments they meld together, it's easy to forget everything you know about sibling rivalry." – Filter Magazine

February 17, 2009 (New York, NY) – Aussie brother/sister duo ANGUS AND JULIA STONE will make their SXSW debut next month as part KCRW’s Official Showcase on Wednesday, March 18; other bands on the bill include Ida Maria, School of Seven Bells and Port O’Brien. The Platinum selling pair will also appear on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic on Monday, March 9 in celebration of their North American debut album A BOOK LIKE THIS, out March 3.

Paste Magazine recently included Angus and Julia in their “10 New Artists To Watch in 2009” round-up, saying, “[Angus and Julia Stone] make a compelling pair...Together, they've crafted A Book Like This, an album of delicately constructed folk songs, some lushly orchestrated (the absolutely gorgeous ‘Silver Coin’), others with twinges of jazz (on ‘Private Lawns’)."

The duo has also become known for their intimate, charming and bewitching live show, selling out headline dates from Australia to London. Upon the their first visit to the States at the end of 2008, they sold out shows in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego—their first set of dates ever in the US. They will do an 18-city west coast tour with Brett Dennen starting on Thursday, March 12 in Vancouver and ending on Saturday, April 4 in Salt Lake City. They will then head to the Midwest and east coast for their own headline tour (tour dates to be announced shortly).

Official Site
Merch Store

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Everyone's At It - Live @ Bowery Ballroom / MySpace Secret S

Watch video of Lily Allen performing "Everyone's At It" at Bowery Ballroom for her MySpace secret show. You can catch Lily at a show near you!

4/1 San Diego, CA House of Blues - San Diego
4/2 Los Angeles, CA The Wiltern
4/4 San Francisco, CA Warfield Theatre
4/6 Seattle, WA The Showbox SODO
4/8 Salt Lake City, UT In The Venue
4/9 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
4/11 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
4/12 Chicago, IL Vic Theatre
4/13 Detroit, MI St. Andrews Hall
4/15 Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse
4/17 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
4/18 Philadelphia, PA Theatre Of The Living Arts
4/19 Boston, MA House of Blues
4/20 New York, NY Roseland Ballroom
4/22 Toronto, ONT Sound Academy


A couple weeks ago I was invited to see an up and coming band at the Hotel Cafe, Green River Ordinance. They are on a massive tour right now promoting their new album, Out of My Hands which comes out TODAY! They put on an amazing set, full of emotional energy that filled one of my favorite venues. They performed songs from their album like 'Catch Me on Your Way Back Down', 'Everything you are', and 'Come On' from their 2007 EP. If you have not had the chance to hear this Texan band, check them out at, /www.facebook.compages/Green-River-Ordinance/8118454726
Go to iTunes TODAY and purchase their new album, or better yet, head down to your local record store, old school style, and buy a CD!


Aussie week continues with a sneak preview to a piece that produced while Australian sweetie, Gabriella Cilmi was in Los Angeles. Also, she has a new eCard with some behind the scenes video and a few new songs. Check it out below!


Monday, February 23, 2009


I had the opportunity to check this girl out about a month ago for this Rockvill, CA event I attended. She was fantastic live and her CD even better! If you haven’t gotten your copy of Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II, head on over to where you can purchase the record for $3.99 today only!

Anya on Amazon:

Anya Marina has added a few more dates to round out her tour, book-ending her debut at this year's SXSW. The loveable chanteuse just wrapped a tour with The Virgins and Lissy Trullie, and will be opening for Greg Laswell once again this time accompanied by fellow folkie, Jay Nash. Anya has been driving herself all over the US (sans tour bus) for the true road trip experience and so fans can see her in action, playing in-stores and coffee houses alike. So, don't miss out on her great live set!

Anya also found time to play a special late-night performance on Jimmy Kimmel. Check out her sultry performance and her edgy new ‘do.


COLDPLAY's Chris Martin, arguably the biggest name in pop music, has been secretly recording with Australian star, Natalie Imbruglia.

The former Neighbours star, whose biggest hit was the 1997 single Torn and who can be seen in April starring in the movie Closed For Winter, managed to get the Coldplay frontman to help on a string of tracks, which are meant to feature on her forthcoming album.

In a break from his group’s studio this month, Martin filled his time penning tunes with Natalie, The Sun newspaper reports from the UK .

Check out the trailer for Natalie's upcoming movie, Closed For Winter.


I have 1 week until I leave L.A. and head down under. I'm super excited, but I'm freaking out about the 14 hour flight. It's hard enough to take a 5 hour flight back to the Midwest each year for x-mas, so it's hard for me to even imagine sitting on a plane for 14 hours. I'll I can say is that Simply Sleep or an Ambien will be my new best friend.

Like I told you before, I have been researching the music scene in Australia. This is my latest find, and it features the guy from The City. The City is that reality show spinoff of The Hills with Whitney Port.

Everything to Me

NEW YORK – Stepping from the sandy beaches of their native Sydney, Australia onto the hard but promising streets of New York City – under the very watchful eye of MTV – Universal Motown folk-rockers TAMARAMA are making a major multi-media entry into American consciousness as one of early 2009’s unmistakable breakout discoveries.

The release of the first TAMARAMA EP, WONDERLAND CITY, comes as the duo (Jay Lyon, Nicolas “Pottsy” Potts) play prominent recurring roles as themselves in the new MTV series THE CITY. Jay is in particular focus as the new love interest of series co-star Whitney Port, but the band itself will be integrated into the plot arcs of the show, as will its music and live performances. Already, print and broadcast media have responded to the juicy celebrity aura of the new series and its cast members: three episodes in, the show’s website has drawn an instant seven-figure hit total.

TAMARAMA’s warm vocal blend and spare but gorgeous acoustic arrangements instantly establish the band’s sonic signature, a relaxed and enveloping mix fusing American west coast folk-rock; the transatlantic singer-songwriter tradition that includes Paul Simon and Donovan; the softer side of Bob Marley; and the new acoustic style of Jack Johnson.

WONDERLAND CITY was released digitally on iTunes in late December to coincide with the series debut of THE CITY, and released to physical retail January 13, 2009. The band is currently finalizing a U.S. west coast tour. Aside from streams of four of the EP tracks, the band’s page also includes the reggae “Illusions” and two videos, the EP track “Everything to Me,” directed by Pottsy’s father, and “Middle of a Magazine.”

THE CITY debuted December 29, 2008 on MTV as a spin-off of The Hills (the No. 1-rated cable program among age12-34 viewers), and runs through April, 2009. Tamarama was featured in later episodes of The Hills and signed to continue in THE CITY. The second season of THE CITY begins shooting in April, 2009.